10 Facts Why Palayan City is Better Than Other Cities in Nueva Ecija

Read: 10 Facts Why Palayan City is Better Than Other Cities in Nueva Ecija

Palayan City is the Capital of Nueva Ecija with a total population of 41,041 as of 2015. The vibrant city of Palayan is known to be the Rice Granary of the Philippines.

So, what makes Palayan City better among other cities in Nueva Ecija? Listed below are more reasons to offer beyond its rather bright landscape.

Law Abiding Citizens

Palayan City is composed of responsible, punctual and of law-abiding citizens. These traits have been commonly observed among teenagers and adults nowadays. Moreover, it is also noticeable how parents from this city are taking care of their families.

Most parents are into farming and fishing which help them feed their families. In addition, some parents are into social media businesses such as online selling which also help them generate revenue.  


Palayan city also boasts with products and services. Famous products from this city is C-Blast calamansi juice which are manufactured and produced by Palayan City Calamansi Growers Association.

Aside from that, herbal wines were also produced from the valleys of Doña Josefa and Langka. These barangays were at the southern and mountainous part of the city. Well-known wine products are Roselle Wine from Barangay Doña Josefa and Bignay Wine from Barangay Langka.

If you want to see all products manufactured here, visit DTI’s office at the city hall building.

Fort Ramon Magsaysay Military Reservation

Fort Ramon Magsaysay is one of the main tourist destinations in the city. It serves as the training ground of the Philippine Army here in the city. They hosted the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) a couple of times in its history. While you were there you can visit famous places like:

  • Fort Magsaysay Army Station Hospital (FMASH)
  • 1.6 km runway
  • Officer’s Club
  • Church
  • Headquarters
  • Concessionaire (Army Store)
  • R&R Facilities (Pahingahan Complex)
  • Aquino Diokno Shrine
  • Golf Course
  • Pahingahan Dam
  • Gym
  • AFP Transient Facilities

Also, it is known to be the only Philippine army base that boasts its own runway, aircraft maintenance and air control facility. Above all, Fort Magsaysay also has its very own recreational facility called “Pahingahan Complex” from the Filipino word “pahingahan” which means “a place to rest”.

Sports-minded People

When we talk about sports, Palayanos never missed out! In particular, they were good at playing basketball, soccer, swimming and baseball. History shows that Palayan City has been one of the greatest baseball team in the region and the entire Philippines.

Prominent universities in Metro Manila recruit baseball players from the city. In addition, in the recently concluded South East Asian Games (SEAGAMES) Our very own baseball player, Rock De Guzman from barangay Caimito is one of the players who represented the Philippine Baseball team.

Sports Complex

Palayan Sports Complex were built due to the growing number of aspiring players. Students from different schools flock into the complex for their sports events. In addition, Palayan City also held huge athletic events in the complex. Some of which are Regional athletic meet (CLRAA) and various district and university meet.

It is open for everyone. Additionally, it offers a swimming pool, track and field, a football field and a basketball court. Also, the place is spacious and equipped with necessary sports gears.

Job Opportunity

On March 2017, Palayan City Business Hub open its first BPO facility which generates a huge number of job vacancies. Furthermore, BPO offices will be opened in the future which will surely generate another vast amount of jobs.

Since the start of its construction, until its on-going improvement, jobs have been continuously offered. Also, the Department of Labor and Employment and its affiliates incessantly offer job for Palayanos.

This undertaking will never be possible without the initiative and benevolence of the city mayor, Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas.

Supports LGBTQ Association

Palayan city welcomes our friends from the LGBTQ community. The city’s objective is to give them equal access to services. Moreover, their protection is also a top priority.

Furthermore, the city organized the First LGBT Rainbow summit which parades our friends in the LGBTQ community. Lastly, awards night for the said event was held at Plaza Concepcion.

This move of the government simply shows how the administration treats our friends from different communities.

Scholarship, Free Training and Seminars

Likewise, Palayan City Institute of Technology houses the scholarship program of the city. Today, citizens of Palayan City who want to pursue their studies can enjoy the privilege of free education if certain requirements were met.

10 Facts Why Palayan City is Better Than Other Cities in Nueva Ecija

Furthermore, the city government of Palayan in partnership with the DICT and DTI finished the Digital Jobs Ph training which aims to assist our scholars in the field of Digital Marketing.

In addition, this undertaking was all free, and the good thing is, the government of Palayan gives allowances for all the scholars.

Supportive & Loving City Mayor

The support of the city mayor never ends with her initiative of bringing job opportunities for Palayanos. Since 2013, her governance focused on lifting the lives of every citizen of the city. In addition, her efforts extend to the affected areas of earthquake in Mindanao through the donation of 600 rice cavans.



Geplaatst door Mayor Rianne Cuevas op Zaterdag 14 december 2019

She knows no boundaries for love’s sake. Also, we all know how supportive she has been. It is all over the internet, and she will continue on transforming the lives of everyone to a better one.

Continuous Development of the City

Over the last 7 years since the election of the current city mayor, massive improvements and developments have been implemented and built. Moreover, the major infrastructure project was the Palayan City Business Hub. In addition, the installation of streetlights along the stretch of national road from barangay Santolan to Brgy. Singalat.

Additionally, road concreting projects were fast-tracked. City roads of Palayan are paved with concrete and nearly 100% of roads were paved. Moreover, a 10-kilometer rough road from Sitio Alorma to the inner barangays like Doña Josefa and Langka were concreted through the BUB funding and Farm-to-market road funds.

Also, open parks were developed, Tri-park at Malate, Pathwalk at Plaza Concepcion, Plaza Mayor at Cityhall compound and improvement of welcome arc were constructed for the beautification of Palayan City.

Finally, there will be more improvements in the city. Likewise, just chill and wait.

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