₱31,000.00 PC Build Philippines. A Budget-Friendly Guide for Starters.

Nowadays, people are looking for a (₱30K) ₱30,000.00 Budget Gaming PC Philippines in 2021 for many reasons. First, due to this quarantine thing, many individuals depend on PCs and laptops, and other pc components. These are for gaming, streaming, and work from home. Also, youngsters depend on content creation to earn.

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However, there are still skeptical of building their own pc. They said that it’s expensive and requires a lot of skills and expertise before building. But, it’s quite the opposite. There are hundreds of tutorials on the internet, YouTube, and online articles which can help you start building.

Moreover, when starting to build your own PC, you should think of what applications you want to be running on your pc. How often will you use them and for how long? For this build, we’ll assume that this PC’s main usage is for gaming, standard work, and light editing and rendering.

Note: PC component price may vary.

Full Specifications

ProcessorRyzen 3 3300x or Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G
MotherboardGigabyte B550M DSH3
GPUMSI Armor RX570 ox (4GB) or Palit GTX1650 Gaming Pro
MemoryADATA GAMMIX D30 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 – 3200MHZ
SSD128GB Western Digital Green M.2 SATA
HDD1TB Western Digital Blue
CPU CoolerN/A
PSUSeasonic S12III 55W 80+ Bronze
CaseTecware Alpha M

Price List

Processor₱6,600.00 (3300X),
₱7,000.00 (Pro)
Ryzen 3 3300x or Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G
Motherboard₱5,320.00Gigabyte B550M DSH3
GPU₱6,950.00 (MSI)
₱7,650.00 (Palit)
MSI Armor RX570 oc (4GB) or Palit GTX1650 Gaming Pro
Memory₱3,400.00ADATA GAMMIX D30 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 – 3200MHZ
SSD₱1,350.00128GB Western Digital Green M.2 SATA
HDD₱2,200.001TB Western Digital Blue
CPU CoolerN/A
PSU₱3,050.00Seasonic S12III 550W 80+ Bronze
Case₱2,095.00Tecware Alpha M


The Ryzen 3 3300X is the powerful budget processor in the AMD Ryzen portfolio. It has four (4) cores and eight (8) threads. On the other hand, the Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G is AMD’s newest APU. It has 6 graphic cores for the built-in Vega 6 Graphics. It can run without a graphics card and can handle esports more than 80fps with high-settings.

The motherboard was chosen for future upgrades and upcoming generations of AMD Processors. Also, it has PCIe Gen 4 support, plus USB Gen 3.2 ports. If you are purchasing Pro 4350G, remember to flash the bios.

Why choose between these graphics cards when you can buy GTX 1660 or RX5600XT? Keep in mind that we are considering the “BUDGET“. You can save your money and buy a higher GPU in the secondhand market when PC builders upgrade their rigs. Lastly, it has a good brand reputation.

Here’s a TIP when buying a PSU. You should get an 80+ with a bronze above rating. Moreover, the 550W supply was chosen for an upgrade of processor and graphics card.

It’s important to have an SSD as your Windows boot drive. It will make your PC start-up faster. Why get SATA than NVMe? It is because of the value of performance you’ll be getting. In addition, SSDs are a bit expensive. Buying a 128GB M.2 SSD is good enough when you have a specific budget. You can still purchase NVMe SSD for your next upgrade.

HDD for storage. 1TB Western Digital with a higher RPM means higher read and write speeds, making stored data load faster.


It’s a good guide for a ₱30K Budget Gaming PC Build in the Philippines for 2021. It’s a great value for your budget with future upgrade considerations. If you have questions, critics, and recommendations regarding this build, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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