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CpE Certification is Real!

Yes, CpE certification is real!

The Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines held its 7th National Convention on November 26-29, 2019 at City Asturias Hotel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. The theme was “Addressing Challenges in Data Privacy and Cyber Security: Respecting Privacy and Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.”.

CpE Certification is Real

In addition, the General Assembly and the 1st International Research Conference for Computer Application, Innovation, Technology and Engineering (IRCCAITE) were also included in the affair.


Read: Computer Engineering Certification is Real

The engineers and students were welcomed by the City Mayor of Puerto Princesa City, Hon. Lucilo R. Bayron. His message inspires the attendees how their profession can change the community. Also, he emphasized that computer engineers are at the forefront of the Philippines in facing global challenges especially in the field of technology and engineering.

Eventually, Dr. Corazon Rebong, chapter President of ICpEP Region 4-A called the attention of the chamber for the awarding of Certificate of Recognition to Lifetime Members of the institution. The ICpEP National President Engr. Desiderio R. Apag III headed it.

CpE Certification is Real

Moreover, the awardees came from different regions of the country. Furthermore, awarding of Plaque of Appreciation was given to the outgoing board of governors for their great contribution to the institution.

The Long Wait is Over!

The announcement made by the ICpEP national president, Engr. Apag III was one of the highlights of the general assembly. The president declared that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved their petition for the ICpEP Certification Board.

This means that the institution can validate individual’s qualification in the field of computer engineering. Also, he emphasized the approval of the organizations’ BIR application.

In addition, he encouraged everyone to use and share #CpECertificationIsReal to disseminate this great success of the institution on every social media platform. Besides, CpE certification is real!

CpE Certification is Real!

Read: Computer Engineering Certification is Real

Additionally, the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) will be released in April 2020. This will the basis of the board for the issuance of certification for all the board passers.

Furthermore, Dr. Ryan Evangelista, ICpEP SG-Chapter president discussed the proposed Computer Engineering Bill (CpE Bill).

Moreover, the bill provides a more responsive and comprehensive regulation for the registration, licensing and practice of professional computer engineers, registered computer engineers. Likewise, for computer engineering technologist and computer technicians.

Join ICpEP today!

CpE Certification is Real

Just after the momentous event from the national convention, with the #CpECertificationIsReal hashtag, computer engineering graduates and industry practitioners were amazed by the declaration of Engr. Apag III.

Graduates have been asking how to take the exam. What are the requirements? One thing is for sure, you must be a REGULAR MEMBER / LIFETIME MEMBER of ICpEP. Furthermore, details will be discussed at the General Assembly in April 2020.


This isn’t a fake news. I was present at the 7th ICpEP National Convention. Besides, the announcement made by Engr. Apag III was really a big deal.

In addition, this board will aid our BSCpE Program chair and department heads to fully practice our profession and recognized by different organizations.

Finally, I encourage every one of you, students and engineers, let us support our own society. I am hoping that we can meet-and-greet on the next General Assembly of ICpEP. Besides, CpE certification is real!

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Palayan City Website Developer

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Palayan City celebrates its 54th founding anniversary today. The compassion, commitment and diligence of the City Mayor Hon. Adrianne Mae “Rianne” Cuevas, transforms the city into an urban, vibrant city in Nueva Ecija.

On its 54th Founding Anniversary, the local government prepared something special that you will only experience in the City. Written below are the 5-reasons to be present on its founding anniversary.

1. Amazing Exhibition

The city prepares a breathtaking show for everyone. Watch and be amazed by the Philippine Army Parachute Team’s skydiving exhibition on the first day. moreover, witness the diver’s free-fall parachute jump. This will happen on Sunday, at Cucio Property, Brgy. Caballero, Palayan City.

In addition, the next performance will be the Moto-X-Treme challenge. The participants will race to be on top of the league inside the enclosed off-road track. However, you can only watch them from afar for your safety. This will happen at the same location after the skydiving exhibition.

2. Opportunity to Explore 

A special Ecumenical Service will be taken place at Palayan City Plaza Concepcion on its 2nd day. Similarly, a thanksgiving mass will be held to give thanks for all the blessings we have received.

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Eventually, the city will have its 1st Rainbow Summit 2019 (LGBTQ+). Everyone is invited to watch, listen and carefully understand the message to be shared. This will start at 9 am at the Palayan City conference center.

3. Be part of Community Service

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

Also, the city organized a Community Service for Barangays Doña Josefa and Langka. This undertaking will aid our constituents through free medical check-up. Besides, community service develops an increased sense of social responsibility. We have to do what we can to help wherever and whenever it is possible to help.

4. Have a Fun Field Experience.

Furthermore, endless happiness will continue on the 4th day of celebration. The venue for Bingo bonanza is at Palayan City Plaza Concepcion, December 4, 2019, Wednesday at 8 am. There will be tons of prizes to be given away! Bring your cards and play them well.

The city will also conduct Diskwento Caravan. It is being done in collaboration with the businessmen who are willing to sell at a discounted price.

“Gabay Pagmamahal sa Nakatatanda” and Mr & Ms Day Care 2019 will also be conducted at Plaza Concepcion. This endeavor would support the welfare of the community most especially the elderly and children.

5. Unforgettable Day until Night

Enjoy the moment while it lasts. Bring sufficient energy and start your day by joining Zumba Dance Competition. Wear comfortable clothes and invite your colleagues and don’t forget to bring towels and a water bottle.

5 Reasons to be Present at the 54th Founding Anniversary of Palayan City

After that, the Larong Pinoy activity will bring back the fun and excitement of Traditional Filipino Games. Watch and see which games will be announced.

Lastly, there will be a Variety Show. Enjoy and be entertained by the artists’ spectacular show. Mr. Piolo Pascual, Ms. Maja Salvador and Ms. Morisette Amon are some of the guests. So, save the day and be one of the masses.

Furthermore, this program will never happen without the benevolence of the City Mayor.

Author: Ma. Joy Lachica

She is a freelancer and expert in online business. In addition, she’s committed to delivering high-quality work and reliable solution for her client.

Palayan City Produces New Breeds of Digital Marketers

The local government of Palayan City in partnership with the Department of Information & Communications Technology (DICT) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) launched the Digital Jobs Ph last August 5, 2019, and finally completed its directive on November 20, 2019. Thirty-two (32) scholars benefited from the activity and now well-equipped of skills & knowledge to conquer the freelancing world.

Palayan City ICT council head Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas and council member Hon. Julius “Mader” Sta. Maria attended the activity. Likewise, DICT Regional Director Engr. Reynaldo T. Sy and Provincial OIC Director Engr. Sinag Abello were present during the event.


Palayan City produces new breeds of digital marketers.

The scholars finally made it to the graduation day after 12 weeks of hurdles and sleepless nights. According to Ms. Ampy Fernandez, co-trainer of the activity,

“There were times that even its midnight, scholars continue to submit their tasks. I’ve been there. I have known your struggles since the beginning of the training.”

This statement shows how committed our trainees were during their journey.

Palayan City Digital Marketers

Moreover, Sir Jay Balan also said

“I will be waiting for the result of our training after 6 months. And within that timeframe, I wish that you’re utilizing what you have learned during our activity. Furthermore, I am hoping that you can find your freelancing purpose throughout your voyage.”

In addition, Regional Director Engr. Reynaldo Sy expresses his gratitude and heartfelt greetings before the scholars. He mentioned how the affair would be helpful for the scholars who participated in the undertaking.

“I am very much hopeful that this training serves its purpose. Please, apply all the learnings you gain from this activity to help yourself, your family and your community. I am optimistic that one day you’ll become a professional online freelance worker and have the chance to help others.”

Sincere Appreciations

Palayan City produces new breeds of digital marketers.

Furthermore, Palayan City Mayor Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas expresses her deepest thanks to the whole team of DICT for their untiring support for the vibrant city.

“Thank you, RD Sy, of DICT and Ms Sinag, the trainers, DTI, [M]SMEs and the graduates for all your support, patience & determination. I am hoping that from this day forward, we change lives of those involved in this wonderful program for the better.”

 “Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.”, she further added. Besides, she managed to share her thoughts of another wave of scholars for the next Digital Jobs Ph training next time, “Til’ our next batch.”

Thank You, Mayor

This website also appreciates the dynamism of the city mayor of Palayan City, Hon. Adrianne Mae J. Cuevas for her initiative of bringing ICT in my beloved city. This endeavor won’t be possible without her full support and benevolence for Palayanos.

Author: Engr. Oscar P. Oganiza

Palayan City Website Developer

Oscar is an introvert type of person and the sole administrator of this site. He loves to play AutoChess during his free time.